cPanel 11


What is The Index Manager?

The Index Manager allows you to control Directory Indexing on the individual directories that make up your web site.


What is Directory Indexing?

A Directory Index is the list of all files and folders within a directory. Directory Indexing determines how this list will be viewed by visitors to your site, or if it will not be displayed at all.



Default System Setting - This option is set by default on all directories. It will act however the system is configured. To enable a specific option, select on of the three below.

No Indexes - This will prevent a visitor from seeing the list of contents of the directory. They will instead be taken to the index file for that directory, or be taken to a 403 - Forbidden Error Page if no index file exists.

Standard Indexing - This option will show the directory index in a text only format. All files and folders will be shown by their names only.

Fancying Indexing - This option will show the directory index with different icons for files and folders.