cPanel 11


What is a Redirect?

A redirect allows you to redirect a specific web page to another location. For example, if my domain is and I have a user forum located at, I may wish to allow users to have an easier way to access my forums. In this case, I would make a redirect from to so that my forum users do not have to remember the long URL.

There are many other uses for redirects. Redirects can redirect from one page to another, from a page to a file, from one site to another, etc.

Note: You will need to make sure the location you are redirecting to exists and has some content or the redirect will not work.


Adding Redirects

To add a redirect, fill in the name of the file or directory you wish to redirect in the blankfield next to your domain name. Then fill in where you wish the viewers to be redirected to in the blank field next to http://. You can test to make sure the redirect works by going to the first address and verifying that you are viewing the content located at the second address.


Removing Redirects

Simply click on the X next to the redirect you wish to remove.